TruckWings™ active cab-to-trailer aerodynamic system coupled with Hexagon Agility’s CNG ProCab® unit achieves 4-6% fuel savings

  • The tractor-trailer gap creates vortices causing an area of suction, producing drag and instability on the road
  • 90% of the time your trucks are at highway speeds and do not require a turning gap
  • Closing the gap at highway speeds can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs for every truck
  • Automatically deploys at highway speeds
  • Retracts at low speeds with zero driver interaction necessary



High-impact, non-biodegradable, temperature inert polyporpylene material.

Telematics reporting system tracking fuel savings& weekly usage report

Backed by Warranty

  • Over 45 million miles of testing
  • 2 yr/500k miles parts warranty


  • Lightweight composite panels on 5052 aluminum frames


  • Compatible across all OEMs
  • Custom panel color matching available

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