We are the leading supplier of natural gas fuel storage and delivery systems to transit and coach bus OEMs worldwide. Our products are ideal for fleets looking to move towards sustainable mobility while offering greater reliability, increased capacity and cleaner air for everyone.

Cost-effective fuel systems
Our modular fuel systems are engineered to be cost effective and minimize installation time. A typical installation package consists of a fuel system module, a fuel management module, and an installation kit. Our systems are installed on roof of body or custom integration, with fuel capacity options of 126-200 DGE.

Global reach

Our global team of over 400 clean transportation specialists has detailed knowledge of codes and standards, and we have products certified in many markets around the world.


of all clean fuel buses in North America have our solutions


of all clean fuel buses in Europe have our solutions


years of experience

Our advanced fuel storage cylinders

Our TUFFSHELL® all-composite Type 4 cylinders are simply the best combination of safety, efficiency, and durability available in the market, and ideal for bus & coach applications.

Hexagon Lincoln CN Gauto Cylinders

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