Back of cab CNG fuel systems

Hexagon Agility’s ProCab® CNG fuel systems for refuse trucks are engineered for high performance, safety, and durability. The system is installed behind the cab and available in a range of sizes from 60 diesel gallon equivalents (DGE) to 175 DGE.

Patented Drive-Away-Protection system disconnects ignition circuit when fuel caps are not in place or fill panel door is ajar. All plumbing lines identified with service pressure. Integrated pressure relief devices for fire safety.

Our ProCab® CNG Fuel system is track-tested for over 1 million miles, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, mounted on rubber isolators to reduce stress on components and maximize durability. The neck-mounted anti-spin design eliminates cylinder rotation that can stress fuel lines, even in the toughest duty cycles.

Compact & Lightweight
Our large-diameter TUFFSHELL® Type 4 CNG cylinders maximize the amount of fuel onboard without compromising on weight.

1 million miles

durability tested


faster to fill up

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Our ProCab® CNG fuel systems preserve overhead clearance for rear loader fleets.
Unique chassis fitments are no problem for our ProCab® CNG fuel systems.
Available in a wide range of capacities, our ProCab® CNG fuel systems are a great fit for many refuse applications.
Automated side loaders can benefit from our ProCab® CNG fuel systems.