Back-of-cab CNG fuel systems

Our ProCab® CNG fuel systems are installed behind the cab and are available in a range of sizes from 60 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) to 175 DGE.

Long range

Our 175 DGE ProCab fuel system allows up to 700 mile range before re-fueling. ProCab can be combined with our ProRail® side-mount systems for a maximum of 295 DGE, allowing over 1,200 mile range before re-fueling.


Our ProCab fuel system has over 1 million miles in the field, is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and is mounted on rubber isolators to reduce stress on components.


Patented Drive-Away-Protection system disconnects ignition circuit when fuel caps are not in place or fill panel door is ajar. Integrated pressure relief devices for fire safety.


interchangeable with CNG

1 million miles

in the field


faster fill up


increase fuel economy with TruckWings™

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ProCab® CNG fuel systems

ProCab® CNG fuel systems - Europe

ProCab® CNG fuel systems - Latin America

ProCab® CNG fuel systems - Latin America

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