RNG (CNG) fuel systems for refuse trucks

Reduce emissions and costs

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an excellent fuel choice for refuse vehicles. CNG saves fleets money both on fuel cost and maintenance costs. In addition, natural gas is a low carbon, cleaner-burning fuel and can result in substantial reductions of GHG emissions of up to 40% or more compared to diesel trucks


reduction in GHG emissions

Roof mount

We offer a range of lightweight and durable roof mount CNG fuel systems for automated-side loaders, rear-end loaders and front-end loaders.

Front of body

Our lightweight and durable front of body CNG fuel systems are a great solution for refuse vehicles needing low overall height.


Our lightweight, durable tailgate CNG fuel systems offer low overhead clearance and improved weight distribution.

Back of cab

Our ProCab® CNG fuel systems for refuse trucks are engineered for high performance, safety, and durability.


Our ProRail® side-mounted CNG fuel systems can be installed on both sides of the frame rail on refuse trucks.

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We enable our customers to reduce emissions and costs