No pipeline. No problem.

Transport clean and renewable natural gas easily to those who need it, when they need it.

Mobile Pipeline® modules are outfitted with our cutting-edge lightweight Type 4 composite cylinders certified for transport of variety of gases, including CNG, RNG, and Helium.

Highest capacity

reduce number of trips


modules in operation


With significantly more capacity and weighing 70% less than steel tubes, our composite solutions enable customers to deliver more gas and reduce number of trips resulting in low total cost of ownership.

Safety first

Safety is top priority, we are involved in developing international standards and maintenance committees with the primary goal of delivering safety to users and the industry.


Our modules are the result of a rigorous design, development and testing process built on the foundation of the deepest engineering expertise in composite pressure vessel technology in the industry. Over the last 25 years, we have delivered over 700,000 high pressure full composite cylinders.


X-STORE product line provides vertical tank solutions with standard and customer-specific configurations for large volume compressed gas delivery. X-STORE meets UN standards employed in Europe and other ADR countries.


Our TITAN product line includes the world's largest composite pressure vessel, offers multiple configurations for high-volume gas delivery. It is designed specifically for bulk transportation of CNG, RNG and Helium.