Customize your fuel system

Based on your need, we offer several solutions that can enhance your fuel system.


TruckWings active cab-to-trailer aerodynamic system coupled with our CNG ProCab® fuel systems achieve 4-6% fuel savings.


Blue iQ®

Our smart gauge allows natural gas trucks to operate on a level playing field with diesel trucks by displaying real-time information about the truck’s fuel management system, which calculates distance to empty, provides ongoing accurate fuel readings and instant fuel economy, and tracks trip data.

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Fuel Management Module

Our Fuel Management Module (FMM) integrates critical features including pressure regulation, fuel filtration, and electronic controls into a single, reliable, serviceable package.



We have in-house state-of-the-art painting processes and technology for aluminum, steel, ABS plastic, and TPO plastic. We deliver high-quality paint and powder coat finishes to match any fleet or OEM’s custom color.

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